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High-quality work for a premium result

In the tradition of French artists and craftsmen, Alain Gosselin, creator of prestigious interior designs, brings his professionalism to bear in his precise approach, ensuring that each project is a perfect blend of beauty, practicality and comfort. Both meticulous and rigorous, he always takes the time to discover and get to know his clients at the start of each project. He understands the need to consider and exchange thoughts in order to gradually bring the spirit of an idea to life in the form of pictures: volumetry, atmosphere, colours, samples of fabrics and materials, and selection of furniture, linen and dishes. Drawn up with great finesse, such plates allow the broad outline of the project to be discussed and decided. “ Nothing is left to chance, everything is drawn before the work is carried out. I give my clients an exact and detailed image of what they will see at the end of the project. This is an important measure of confidence for my clients”, he says.

Regular monitoring of works until the project is completed

The architect then makes plans which act as guidelines for all the carefully-selected professionals involved in the project. As project manager, Alain Gosselin follows all works with great attention, reactivity and rigour.